Campaniae Nummis

Campaniae Nummis by Luigi Graziano is a Corpus about Ancient Campanian Coinages.

This work was completed by author in the year 2007 but it is actualized with each currently update.

Campaniae Nummis corpus is completely free to download and it is wrote in Italian language. However for a not italian-speaker it is easy to understand.

All the rights of this publication are reserved by Luigi Graziano since 2007 and each content is usable with Luigi Graziano's permission only or with explicit mention.

Campaniae Nummis is composed by several chapters regarding all ancient campanian mints or samnite ones using campanian metrologic system. Each chapter can be downloaded in singular mode.

About the Author

Luigi Graziano was born in Naples (Italy). He is an independent researcher in numismatic science, especially the ancient mints and coinages of Campania. He was collaborator for several studies about these themes for some scholars publications.

Campaniae Nummis Mints List